Exotic Hunts - Texas Style!

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the non-native wildlife! Well, that may be a yarn that stretches things a touch, but we do have incredible choice and quality of wildlife on our 4N ranches. The "best of times" can be had searching out the trophy exotic of your choice while enjoying a great overall experience.

We currently offer a wonderful variety of trophy exotics including Axis deer, Fallow deer, Blackbuck antelope, Scimitar Oryx, Gemsbok Oryx, Pere David deer, Red deer, Elk, Red Lechwe, White Bearded Gnus, Zebras and Greater Kudu.

We offer two different hunting experiences depending on the hunter's desires - fully guided hunts for any species listed with help determining size and guidance on pricing on the Paisano Ranch OR fair chase hunts with direction but not one on one guiding (includes axis, blackbuck and fallow hunting)on the Ridge View Ranch. In either approach, we provide state of the art cleaning facilities with electric hoists, a large walk-in cooler and freezers that allow us to prepare your animal for taxidermy and processing.

We offer first class accommodations, three mouthwatering meals per day, snacks, water and soft drinks. Basic cost is $275.00 per day to cover lodging, meals and guide fees. Animals are priced separately. Another way to join us is through our seasonal specials.

Come harvest a great animal, make fast friends and enjoy the best of times with us!

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